Lillian Bonham, LDN

Meet Margiotti and Kroll Pediatrics Newest Dietitian
Lillian Bonham is the newest Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist at Margiotti & Kroll Pediatrics. In addition to her new role she is employed at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children where she has experience in infant feeding, picky eating, weight management, and nutrition for the prevention and management of illness. Lillian is accepting new clients for nutrition consultations and is currently utilizing a telehealth platform due to COVID-19. In the future, she will be working mainly at the Trevose location but will be able to see clients at any Margiotti & Kroll Pediatrics location including Newtown and Northeast Philadelphia. Lillian is available to both children and adults and most insurances cover the consultation in full with no copay. When you schedule an appointment, you can expect a patient-centered approach with a nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle. Lillian believes that eating should not be stressful or complicated and that healthful eating can be made sustainable by finding food that tastes good and also makes you feel good. She will work with you and your family to create goals and provide guidance to help you achieve them. In her spare time, Lillian enjoys cooking, baking, and staying active by trying out new workout classes or exploring the city. Some of her favorite recipes include Thai coconut curry, homemade pasta with a mushroom ragu, and browned butter banana bread. She is an advocate that anything can fit into a healthful diet and is happy to help you incorporate your favorite foods into your plan and/or exchange recipes! To schedule a consult for you or your child or to learn more, call 215-968-5151.