Suzi Garrett, IBCLC

Suzi is the mother of 2 children and has been a Lactation Consultant since 1992. Suzi is a dedicated, caring breastfeeding advocate with extensive experience encouraging and nurturing mothers and babies. She worked for 9 years as the Breastfeeding Coordinator at WIC in Philadelphia and spent 6 years with the Breastfeeding Resource Center as a Lactation Consultant at Holy Redeemer Hospital. She was also active with Childbirth Education Association (CEA) and Nursing Mother Advisory (NMAC) as Breastfeeding Counselor and Instructor. Many new moms my stop breastfeeding out of frustration due to problems nursing their babies. Most of these problems can be resolved with proper guidance and support. If you find you have questions or need some extra assistance, do not hesitate to give Suzi a call.