Breastfeeding Education

Our practice is pleased to offer the highly experienced skills of an in-house lactation consultant at all four of our convenient office locations (Trevose, Newtown, Warrington, Northeast). This service is to help new moms with the challenges of nursing their newborn. If you’re having nipple or breast pain, difficulty latching, low milk production, inadequate weight gain, or in need of general breastfeeding guidance, do not hesitate to set up your an appointment with your lactation consultant. Lactation consulting can be both a rewarding and much needed support for mothers trying to provide their newborns with optimal nutrition.

What to do before your appointment

  • Call your insurance provider to see if they reimburse lactation consulting fees.
  • Keep a nursing or pumping log of how often you nurse and pump and a diaper output log listing wet and soiled diapers.

What to bring along

  • Boppy or other nursing pillow if mom uses one at home
  • An extra blanket and diapers
  • Any breastfeeding assistive devices you are using– a nipple shield, nipple shells, etc.
  • A list of questions you would like the consultant to go over during the consult
  • Your nursing or pumping log and your diaper log
  • A bottle of water
  • Your breast pump if you would like a review its set it up or if you have any questions

What you can expect during your consultation

  • A one on one consult with an IBCLC
  • A more precise measurement of breast milk intake. Our consultant will weigh your baby on a scale accurate to 0.2 ounces. You baby will be weighed prior to and after feeding in the consult to determine the milk volume your baby transferred while nursing.
  • An oral assessment of the baby’s frenulum, if necessary, to rule our possible tongue tie as a reason for a difficult latch or painful nipples or other anatomical concern related to breastfeeding.
  • Assessment of sore nipples and specific treatment options for better healing.
  • Assessment of the position and latch of your baby while nursing. Often a few simple suggestions can be made that make a big difference in getting the baby to latch more deeply and make nursing more comfortable for mom
  • The lactation consultant will watch your baby nurse and assess the suck/swallow ration which tells her if your baby is actively nursing and swallowing milk. This can also be demonstrated to parents during the consult to show them if and when their baby is actively nursing.
  • A written plan of care is provided for mom along with written educational materials chosen for your individual needs.
  • Follow up phone calls from the IBCLC are provided for continued care and assessment of further concerns or questions you may have.
  • Breast pump consultations are available.
  • Assessment as needed regarding possible reasons for low milk supply and how to– if possible, given the situation– best increase a mother’s breast milk supply.
  • Information on returning to work.

Additional Resources

  • Breastmilk storage guidelines
  • Better Beginnings to Breastfeeding

Links to Online Breastfeeding Resources


If you have a question about taking medication while pregnant or nursing, visit or call (806)-352-2519.